Breaking Waves Conference 2019: Keynote speech “The future of shipping, challenges and possibilities” by the CEO Mr Emanuele Grimaldi

27. November 2019

The international seminar Breaking Waves, brought together top leaders and maritime experts in Helsinki on 21 November 2019, in order to discuss themes of interest to the industry, such as digitalisation, automation and environmental sustainability.

In his speech at the event Mr Grimaldi commented on the future of shipping, its challenges and possibilities.

“While shipping is already today the most efficient method of moving goods and people around the world, its green bar will be set higher and higher. In April last year the IMO concluded a ground-breaking agreement on CO2 emissions, “The Paris Agreement for Shipping”. IMO’s ambition is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030 and 50% by 2050 comparing to the 2008 level. Considering that the fleet capacity will have increased dramatically meanwhile, this means that we will have to reduce greenhouse emissions per ship by 80%. This means basically to aim for a zero-emission ship creation and diffusion,” Grimaldi said.

Read Mr Grimaldi’s keynote speech at Finnlines website:

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