Labor market and competence

The Finnish Shipowners’ Association (FSA) is involved in the Finnish economic and industrial policy regarding the shipping industry and participates in the decision-making processes of labor and social legislation.

FSA also negotiates collective agreements with the trade unions in the industry. In addition, FSA produces statistics on labor market matters and provides related courses and training.

The shipping industry offers many different types of work and opportunities – shipping and seafaring have work for people of various competencies. There are many different educational backgrounds in the industry.

Finnish seafaring directly employs nearly 10 000 people. This population of seafarers guarantees that there is and will be competent seafarers in the future to safeguard the security of supply and Finnish merchant fleet.

Continuous development and seafaring education ensure that we have a competent workforce in seafaring. This also secures skilled seafarers for the needs of the entire cluster, as ships are not the only part of the industry that needs skillful employees. The maritime cluster employs about 43 500 people and indirectly even 500 000 people. The Finnish Shipowners’ Association is strongly part of securing and developing the labor market and competence of seafaring in Finland.