Green shipping on the blue seas

Our mission

The Finnish Shipowners’ Association exists to support the shipping industry and to promote its competitiveness by proactively engaging with stakeholders both nationally and internationally

Our vision for 2026

The important role seafaring plays within Finnish society will be widely understood.

The operating environment for Finnish shipping companies remains internationally competitive. Finnish shipping companies lead the way on responsible shipping. The industry continues to make ambitious progress towards net-zero emissions, achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Our values




Strategic objectives 2026

1.Finnish shipping companies remain internationally competitive. The wider context in which our member companies operate remains stable and predictable. International regulations take account of the Finnish winter shipping conditions.

2.Finland’s merchant fleet is capable of ensuring national supply security.

3.The Finnish shipping industry is widely known for its responsible approach and for its commitment to adopting new low emission technologies and digital solutions.

4.Finnish shipowners will be at the forefront of adopting, developing and implementing new low and zero-emissions fuels. Alternative fuels are available at competitive prices.

5.Well-known and highly-regarded, the Finnish Shipowners’ Association is a proactive and influential organisation both nationally and internationally. Strong engagement on EU matters is a key part of our work.

6.We recognise that a highly-skilled and motivated workforce is our most important asset. We want to ensure high levels of wellbeing across our sector. The sector is attractive to newcomers and able to respond swiftly new skills requirements. The education system has been developed to meet the needs of the industry.

Focuses of operation

  • Industry and maritime policy
  • Industrial relations
  • Environment and high-quality infrastructure
  • Health & safety and new technologies
  • Training and competence




Tiina Tuurnala

Tiina Tuurnala is the Chief Executive Officer of the Finnish Shipowners’ Association.

+358 40 5476762