Vision 2025

The importance of seafaring for Finland is understood broadly. The Finnish merchant fleet is globally competitive and the shipping industry creates wellbeing. The industry is highly valued, environmentally friendly, responsible and reforms itself.

“Green seafaring on the blue sea”


The Finnish Shipowners’ Association (FSA) safeguards the competitiveness and operating conditions of the shipping industry through proactive influencing, both nationally and internationally.

Strategic objectives (2025):

  1. The competitiveness of Finland is among the best in the EU. The operating conditions of the shipping industry are stable and foreseeable.
  2. The market shares of the Finnish merchant fleet both in export and import shipping and in passenger transport have grown to over 40%, which ensures national security of supply.
  3. FSA is a valued and well-known proactive player whose statements have a large impact both nationally and internationally.
  4. The shipping industry is widely known as a responsible actor and a pioneer in developing new technologies and innovations.
  5. Skilled, motivated and healthy people are our resource. The industry’s expertise meets the requirements of a fast-changing operating environment.

Focuses of operation:

  • Industrial and shipping policies
  • Labour market matters
  • Environmental matters
  • Technology and safety
  • Safeguarding competence


  • Expertise
  • Making an influence
  • Responsibility
  • Environmental awareness


Tiina Tuurnala

Tiina Tuurnala is the Chief Executive Officer of the Finnish Shipowners’ Association.

+358 40 5476762