Environment and climate

The Environmental Policy of the Finnish Shipowners’ Association

Shipping is a global business and by far the most environmentally friendly and efficient way of transport. In Finland, 90 % of foreign trade is transported by sea and shipping is of high importance to the Finnish industry and welfare. We need to face the environmental challenges and at the same time to ensure the vitality of the sector. Our membership owners are committed to:

  • meeting environmental requirements and reducing emissions
  • cooperating proactively with other stakeholders and lawmakers in environmental issues
  • increasing the environmental awareness and training of the crew and shore personnel
  • improving the safety culture onboard
  • taking responsibility for the future of the marine environment

Finnish shipping shall provide its customers with safe, economically sustainable and environmentally friendly transport services.

The Finnish Shipowners’ Association (FSA) is established with the purpose to provide its member companies with relevant information about the existing regulations and to influence future requirements in tight collaboration with all relevant national and international stakeholders and shall ensure that consequence analyses are made prior to supporting changes in existing regulations or accepting new ones.

FSA shall monitor and evaluate the rationality of existing and new regulations from the shipowners’ point of view. FSA shall support all member companies to find the best solutions to meet asked requirements, as well as to promote the members to put mentioned regulations and requirements into practice.

Mats Björkendahl
Specialist, environmental and technical affairs

Mats Björkendahl is a specialist in environmental and technical affairs. Tel.: +358 400 665 228, email: mats.bjorkendahl@shipowners.fi.