Finnish Shipowners’ Association

The Finnish Shipowners’ Association has 23 member companies from different shipping sectors. The association has represented the needs of shipowners in industrial and labor market policies both nationally and internationally since 1917. The Finnish shipowners are in the forefront of technology and environmental innovations and are strongly part of developing solutions for sustainable shipping.

Focuses of the operation:

  • Industry and maritime policy
  • Industrial relations
  • Environment and high-quality infrastructure
  • Health & safety and new technologies
  • Training and competence

The Finnish Shipowners’ Association safeguards the competitiveness and operating conditions of the shipping industry through proactive influencing, both nationally and internationally. Our international parent organization on a European level is European Community Shipowners Associations (ECSA). On the global level, our parent organizations are International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) of the UN.



The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is the global maritime agency of the UN that regulates international seafaring. The Finnish Shipowners’ Association actively takes part in the work of IMO and brings forward the needs and interests of Finnish seafaring in regulatory preparation.



The history of the association dates back to 1917 when Merenkulkuliitto (“Maritime Confederation”) was founded. Merenkulkuliitto is a maritime organisation that operated until 1932. Its operations were carried on by Suomen Laivanvarustajain yhdistys (“Finnish Shipping Association”), that was later renamed Suomen Varustamoyhdistys (“Finnish Shipowners’ Association”).

In Åland, the association operated under the name Ålands Redarförening (“Åland’s Shipowners’ Association”). In 2008, Suomen Varustamo-yhdistys, Ålands Redarförening and Rahtialusyhdistys (“Cargoship Association”), founded in 1986, formed the current Finnish Shipowners’ Association.


Tiina Tuurnala

Tiina Tuurnala is the Chief Executive Officer of the Finnish Shipowners’ Association.

+358 40 5476762