National maritime policy

The Finnish Shipowners’ Association  takes part in maritime policy-making both in Finland and internationally.

Our aim is to safeguard the competitiveness and operating conditions of Finnish shipping companies in all sectors. That is why we are active in the key forums of the industry and voice our opinions on all maritime policy issues, ranging from tonnage tax legislation to maritime research.

The Government adopted guidelines for Finland’s marine and maritime policy in january 2019

The aim is to develop Finland’s marine and maritime policy into one of our key strengths. Finland must have high-quality marine competence, an innovative and constantly successful maritime cluster, and well-functioning, safe and environmentally responsible logistics.

The selected priority themes for the policy are marine protection, maritime logistics, maritime cluster and marine production. The horizontal themes associated with all these priorities include digitalisation, research and education, exerting influence in international contexts, and safe and secure operating environment. All the proposed measures are guided by the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the principles of sustainable blue growth.

The pressures faced by the marine environment keep growing, including those associated with climate change and littering. At the same time maritime transport and the logistics sector as a whole will also be facing great changes. The financial ecosystem of the Finnish maritime cluster, composed of the various maritime industries and about 3,000 companies, is already a highly significant industrial sector, with total turnover as high as EUR 13 billion. Maintaining competitiveness and making use of opening markets are key factors for the growth of the maritime cluster.

More information about the marine and maritime policy of Finland: