Apprentice Mill

The Apprentice Mill (in Finnish: Merenkulun HarjoitteluMylly) was established in 2012 by the Finnish Shipowner’s Association and the Finnish maritime academies. In 2015 the Apprentice Mill became its own association which lead the Finnish Shipowner’s Association and the maritime academies to become members of the association.

The purpose of the Apprentice Mill is to coordinate onboard training placements evenly between the Finnish maritime academies and their students. During the first year of activity Apprentice Mill distributed approximately 700 onboard training placements. In 2019 approximately 950 places were distributed and in 2020 around 800.

The “Mill” acts as a link between the maritime academies and the shipping companies in Finland. Apart from coordinating onboard placements, other important task for Apprentice Mill is to inform the maritime academies and shipping companies about the current onboard training situations.

The Mill’s office is in the premises of the Finnish Shipowner’s Association, in the center of Helsinki.

Jenna Behm
Head of Operations

Jenna is Head of Operations at the Apprentice Mill. +358 80 095006