Apprentice Mill

Apprentice Mill (in Fin: Merenkulun HarjoitteluMylly) was established in the fall of 2012 by the Finnish Shipowner’s Association and the Finnish maritime academies. The purpose of the Apprentice Mill is to co-ordinate onboard training placements onboard Finnish merchant vessels and evenly distribute them between the Finnish maritime academies and their students. During the first year of activity Apprentice Mill distributed approximately 700 placements onboard Finnish merchant vessels when the number of placements in the year 2017 was 980.

Apprentice Mill acts as a link between the maritime academies and the shipping companies in Finland. Apprentice Mill is continuously in contact with the maritime academies, the shipping companies, and the merchant vessels. Apart from coordinating onboard placements, other important tasks for Apprentice Mill is informing the maritime academies and shipping companies about the onboard training situation. The aim is to ensure the sufficiency of onboard placements and the equal distribution of them and to ensure the Finnish maritime know-how in the future.

Apprentice Mill has since the year 2015 been an own association.

Bernt Lindell
Project manager

+358 50 420 3080