Mr Emanuele Grimaldi nominated new Chairman of the Board of Directors of Finnlines

5. May 2022

Mr Emanuele Grimaldi, President and CEO of Finnlines Plc, has been elected as the new Chairman of the Board. Mr Grimaldi succeeds Mr Jon-Aksel Torgersen, the longtime Chairman of Finnlines’ Board of Directors. Mr Torgersen will continue as a member of Finnlines’ Board of Directors. Mr Diego Pacella, has been elected as Vice Chairman of the Board.

Mr Torgersen has added his deep knowledge of shipping and given his firm commitment into Finnlines chairmanship, while he has been chairing Finnlines’ Board for more than fifteen years.

Mr Grimaldi, as a President and CEO since 2013, has transformed Finnlines to a successful and efficient maritime operator. Finnlines is now Finland’s leading shipping company and has a pivotal role in Finland’s exports and imports not to mention Finland’s emergency security of supply.

The Board thanks Mr Torgersen and congratulates Mr Grimaldi and Mr Pacella for their nomination as Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board. The Board also recognises that Finnlines having a strong parent company, the Grimaldi Group, has contributed greatly to Finnlines’ performance and turnaround over the past decade.

The members of Finnlines’ Board of Directors are Emanuele Grimaldi, Diego Pacella, Tiina Bäckman, Gianluca Grimaldi, Guido Grimaldi, Mikael Mäkinen, Esben Poulsson, Jon-Aksel Torgersen and Tapani Voionmaa for the term until the close of the Annual General Meeting in 2023.

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Finnlines is a leading shipping operator of ro-ro and passenger services in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Bay of Biscay. The Company is a part of the Grimaldi Group, one of the world’s largest operators of ro-ro vessels and the largest operator of the Motorways of the Sea in Europe for both passengers and freight. This affiliation enables Finnlines to offer liner services to and from any destination in the Mediterranean, West Africa as well as the Atlantic coast of both North and South America.