Navidom’s emergency supply fleet renewed

31. January 2024

The fleet of ships securing Finland’s fuel supply has been updated to make it more modern and environmentally friendly. The latest addition is product tanker Saana, which was joined just before the 2024 New Year by the sister product tanker, Halti. Overall, the fleet comprises four tankers and three terminal tugs.

The emergency supply fleet was created 2014, when the National Emergency Supply Agency and Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company purchased five tankers and three terminal tugs from the Neste fleet to ensure Finland’s fuel supply under all circumstances. The purpose of the arrangement is to ensure continued fuel management and the security of supply.

Asset management company Navidom was established for the emergency supply fleet. The original fleet consisted of crude oil tanker Mastera, product tankers Neste, Futura, Suula and Kiisla as well as tugboats Ahti, Ukko and Esko. The ships were leased back to Neste through long-term agreements.

Since then, the fleet’s crude oil tanker has been sold. Neste and Futura were replaced with the ships Uikku and Lunni in 2018. Now Suula and Kiisla have been replaced by Saana and Halti which were built in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

The carrying capacity of Saana and Halti is 16,300 tonnes, and the ships are 150 metres in length, 22.8 metres in width and 8.9 metres in design draught. The ice class of the ships is IA, and they are equipped with a dual-fuel propulsion engine which can also be operated with liquefied natural gas (LNG) or biogas. Thus they are the first LNG-driven tankers in the Finnish merchant fleet. In addition to this, the ships are equipped for battery operation and shore-power electricity supply at ports. The fuel consumption and emissions are substantially lower than those of the current ships. Both ships also boast an EEDI index that is lower than that of other tankers, evidencing the owners’ commitment to sustainable operations.

The staffing and technical maintenance of the ships are handled by OSM Ship Management Finland Oy.


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