Volume of freight transport has remained high on Viking Line ships despite exceptional circumstances

22. April 2020

During the current exceptional circumstances, the transport capacity of Viking Line is being utilised for freight traffic. The traffic has been heavy and the demand for sea transports has grown even further since Easter.

During the prevailing exceptional circumstances, Viking Line has been maintaining both goods transports and the related logistic services in order to safeguard the security of supply in Finland. The volume of freight traffic has been heavy.

‘The utilisation rate of the ships’ cargo capacity has been 100% on several occasions. Our staff has done an especially good job loading the cargo’, says Harri Tamminen, Freight Director for Viking Line.

According to Tamminen, the busy freight traffic during the Easter holidays was a particularly positive surprise. The traffic volume has continued to grow since Easter and the market shows no concrete indications of any volume reductions in the coming future.

At the moment, of the five Viking Line ships operating under the Finnish flag, M/S Viking Grace, M/S Amorella, M/S Rosella and M/S Gabriella are in operation and transporting cargo. The emphasis in cargo traffic at the moment is on guaranteeing the supply of food and medicines.

‘We have been able to optimise the schedule to be followed during this exceptional period, both in terms of timetables and traffic frequency, through good co-operation with our customers and by taking into account the transport needs of the market. This way, we can do our part to help maintain the security of supply in Finland in the best possible way’,  says Tamminen.

Viking Line follows the instructions issued by the Finnish and Estonian border authorities.

Further information:

Harri Tamminen, Freight Director, harri.tamminen@vikingline.com, tel +358 40 8481 105

Johanna Boijer-Svahnström, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Viking Line Abp, johanna.boijer@vikingline.com, tel. +358 18 270 00

Christa Grönlund, Communications Manager, Marketing Communications, christa.gronlund@vikingline.com, tel. +358 9 123 5242