23. September 2021

At the Ferry Shipping Summit, held in Amsterdam on September 21-22, Wasaline received the
Ropax Ferry of the year Award.

In the conference Mr Frans Baud said that Aurora Botnia is a fantastic newbuilding project for a
one-ship operator. The vessel has been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible,
combining dual fuel engines, mainly running on LNG, with battery solutions. The vessel can also be
run on biogas. Furthermore, he stated that it is locally built.

“We are thankful for this award, that again shows that this vessel, built in Finland, is of great
interest and that the environmentally friendly solutions interest the world”, says Peter Ståhlberg,
CEO of Wasaline.

Further information:
Peter Ståhlberg, CEO, peter.stahlberg@wasaline.com, phone: +358 40 559 2353

Wasaline is the northernmost shipping company that transports passengers and cargo daily between Vaasa, Finland and Umeå, Sweden. Wasaline’s new vessel, Aurora Botnia, is the most environmentally friendly passenger ferry in the world. For more information: www.wasaline.com